Linnemann Funeral homes and Cremation Center is pleased to offer pet services in the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. We are all pet owners, so we understand that our furry friends are part of the family. We have a separate state- of the-art facility at our Erlanger facility for pet cremation that is operated by our certified crematory operators.

At Linnemann we care for the whole family. We can help with the following:

  • Pick up from your home or your veterinarian’s office
  • Assisting with disposition of remains
  • Selecting an urn to memorialize your pet
  • Interpreting local regulations
  • Arranging a funeral service if desired

Package Offerings:

$150 Basic Package: Cremation + Wooden Urn

$175 Standard Package: Cremation + Wooden Urn (w/nameplate) + Hair Clipping* + Ink Paw Print

$250 Premium Package: Cremation + Picture Urn (w/nameplate) + Hair Clipping* + Clay Paw Print

*If Possible

$75 Fee to pick-up from residence

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (859)727­-1250.