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Current Covid-19 Funeral Guidelines


  • Visitations and Funerals are limited to 25 total people; excluding officiants, clergy, and staff, while maintaining a social distance of six (6) feet for attendees. Not a rotating 25, but the same 25 people. Therefore, services will be private for immediate family totaling 25 people.
  • In accordance with Governor Beshear's  November 18, 2020 Mandate: All persons attending a visitation or funeral will be required to wear a face mask or covering or they will not be allowed to enter our facility.  
  • Governor Beshear also stated "Any Individual who refuses to wear a face covering should not be served by the business in question. The Mandate will be enforced by the Kentucky Department of Health and Others
  • Exceptions to the Mandate include individuals 5 years or younger or anyone with a disability or physical or mental impairment that would prevent them from wearing a face covering.
  • Seating should be arranged that allows for social distancing of at least six feet for all services.
  • Continued use of live streaming social medical broadcasts are encouraged as are the continued use of drive by visitations and drive in funerals.
  • Attendees at outdoor services must maintain the six feet of social distance, if they are not of the same household. Attendees are, however, encouraged to stay in their vehicles.
  • Due to the intimacy of funeral services we will be taking attendees’ temperatures and will not allow individuals with elevated temperatures or signs of illness to enter attend in-person services for the safety of guests and staff.
  • Assure that restrooms are used by one person at a time and all frequently touched surfaces throughout the facility are properly cleaned and are disinfected.(e.g. door knobs and handles) The facility will maintain a written disinfection plan that follows CDC guidelines.
  • Must provide hand sanitizer, handwashing facilities, tissues and waste basket in convenient locations to the greatest extent possible.
  • Restrict the use of all common areas (i.e. foyers, lobbies, vending areas and community/multi-purpose rooms) if possible and should not provide communal food or beverages.
  • Encourage no handshaking, handholding and hugging and continue to post Health Department COVID safety signs.
  • Encourage staff and pallbearers to take precautions to stay safe while they are in close proximity.


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